​Social media for small business

Does your business have a social media presence yet? With the rise of social media popularity businesses not on social media are missing out on an opportunity to reach a considerable portion of their audience and therefore potential sales.

If this sounds daunting to you here's some simple tips to get you started.

1. Create a social media strategy
Before investing your time and money in social media you need to develop a strategy to ensure you maximise your return. This doesn't need to be complicated - consider key questions such as your goals, who your target audience is, how you want to engage with them and how your social media approach will integrate with your other marketing activities.

2. Target platforms your customers are using
Understand which platforms your customers use and start with these for your business. There's no point investing your time and energy on platforms you won't gain any engagement from. Not sure where your customers hang out? Ask them. Use a tool like Survey Monkey to develop a quick survey and send to your customer database. It's worth the investment of time to do this first to ensure you're on the best platform/s for your business.

3. Engage with your audience
Social media is just that...social. Don't be afraid to let your own personality shine through. Use it as an opportunity to build a relationship with potential customers and provide added value for existing customers. And make sure you respond to any comments to encourage greater engagement.

4. Stay true to your brand
Don't post for post's sake. Develop a monthly content plan so you know what you are going to post and when. Ensure the content aligns with your brand message and stay true to your personal style. Content should be a good mix, don't just push your product or service. Include your own blog articles, those of others that align to your brand, memes, product placement, testimonials, video, staff profiles...lots of variety but planned and consistent in style and tone.

5. Measure your results
Your investment of time (and dollars if you decide to advertise on social) should ultimately be driving sales. Make sure you use the inbuilt analytics in your social platforms to measure the value of your efforts. What are the engagement levels like? Do you need to change the time of day you post? Does one type of post create more buzz than another? Don't just set and forget your social posts, you need to know what's working. Monitor as you go to determine where your strategy needs to be changed.

Start now. The longer you wait the harder it will be to gain traction as more and more businesses embrace social media marketing. Join the conversations that are already happening without you. Need help? Talk to our business advisory team, skilled in all aspects of small business management.


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