Achieve Happiness

Financial Advice Brings Happiness...not just wealth

When you hear the term 'Financial Planner' chances are you think about money and investing that money to create wealth. Fair enough but let's put a different spin on it…have you ever thought about how Financial Planners can help you achieve happiness rather than just wealth?

The saying goes “money doesn't buy happiness". This is true, you can't physically buy happiness however the outcome of good advice as to how to invest your money can go towards creating happiness in your life.

Research from the Financial Planners Association (FPA) shows that those who see a financial planner are more positive and optimistic about the future than those who don't; and that 8.5 million Australians have “unmet advice needs". FPA CEO Mark Rantall says “We know from our Investment Trends research that regardless of how much money people have, they feel happier and more in control of their financial future if they take the simple step of consulting a financial planner".

At O'Brien's our team of financial advisors focus on your future and aim to instil confidence in you that through financial security you will achieve happiness. This financial security is created by developing, implementing and managing an achievable financial plan. And this is what our FP team specialise in. We take the time to listen carefully and understand your personal situation and goals. We can then assist you with strategic advice in retirement planning, estate planning, wealth creation & protection, superannuation and transition of capital.

Financial freedom achieved through planning allows you the time and peace of mind to do the things most important to you with your loved ones rather than worrying about finances. And this is always our goal…to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Talk to the Financial Planning team today about achieving your happiness. Nellie, Bill and Samantha would be happy to assist you.


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