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How do you teach the next generation the value of money, when it is mostly invisible?

Generation Alpha (children aged between 4 and 8) and Generation Zed (ages 9 to 18) are the first to be born into an always-on, multi-screen world that prizes instant gratification. Immersed in social media from an early age, their identity can easily become attached to brands and “buying stuff” long before they learn how their parents make ends meet.

Many parents find it challenging to talk to their children about money, what they should be saying and when. In addition, our accelerated, invisible-money world is making it harder for children to grasp its value.

This free eBook is filled with great tips and activities to talk money with kids.

Download your FREE copy here and talk to our financial planning team if you would like more guidance around setting your kids up for a secure financial future.


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