O'Brien Client Portal

It is widely accepted that technology is whisking us swiftly towards the future; mostly for the better. However, as we accept it more widely and become accustomed to using technology to conduct everyday tasks, such as banking, it is easy to become complacent about our safety and security.

In addition we are becoming accustomed to being able to access, send and receive information at a fast pace with a few clicks of the mouse or finger taps of our tablet.

At O'Brien's we are committed to ensuring the firm stays current and embraces these new technological advances to improve systems and processes to ensure our advisors are best equipped to service you, our clients.

We are also committed to reducing our environmental footprint in terms of paper use and saving you cost in light of rising postage prices.

As such we see the use of our Client Portal as the way forward in approaching client communication in terms of sharing personal documents and we encourage our clients to make use of it. The client portal is easily accessible via our website and is a safe and secure way to share confidential documents with or from your Advisor 24/7 from anywhere in the world. And importantly, it removes the risk of personal details such as your tax file number, banking details, credit card information, logins and financial documents being compromised.

The process of setting up your personal client portal log-in is quick and easy and once setup you, your Advisor and any family members or business partners that you choose to invite to your portal will be able to securely upload and share files rather than rely on email, post or fax.

If you would like to setup your personal client portal log-in, please contact the office or your Advisor on 03 8850 3333 or email obrien@obbc.com.au and we would be happy to assist you.


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