Planning for aged care

Whilst we all hope to keep our health and independence as we age it is advisable to plan for the unexpected. Discussing aged care is a subject many families tend to avoid. However, circumstances can change quickly meaning key decisions may need to be made at short notice with little time to consider all options and at a time when emotions are running high. During these times it is important to know who you can trust when dealing with a complex transition by ensuring that loved ones are aware of your wishes so they can make informed decisions.

Aged care can be a challenging journey often at an emotional time for both the person needing care and their family members. Aged care choices are complex and making the wrong decisions in haste can come at a high price. The cost of aged care can vary dramatically and the amount you pay and the Government funding you receive will depend on your income and assets. Choices can be impacted by consideration of your preferred lifestyle, financial resources and options that can add to quality of life.

As your Aged Care Advisor we will take the time to understand your financial circumstances and how the critical decisions you face in relation to aged care will impact your personal situation and that of your family. Forward planning allows time for us to restructure your assets to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Planning ahead and understanding your choices early can assist in making the transition a more positive experience and avoid undue financial stress. Families who do this have greater peace of mind and the comfort of a plan to turn to when the need arises. It is important to note that these considerations apply not only to aged care facilities but also to retirement village and home care options.

Forward planning allows you to communicate your wishes and ensure everyone involved understands what your plans are, the reasons for them and how they will be financed. This takes a great deal of pressure off your loved ones allowing them to focus on caring for you if the need arises.

As Family Advisors, if needed, we are able to act as a mediator between yourself and/or family members if required to ensure all points of view are respected and joint decisions agreed to. In addition, we can act as a liaison with your aged care provider ensuring all financial aspects of the transition are structured appropriately for you.

If you wish to develop an aged care plan or discuss your options, our accredited Aged Care Advisor Nellie Fung, would be happy to assist. Please call 03 8850 3333 for an appointment.


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