Protect your loved ones

Is your most important asset protected? Most people have insurance for their home and car but don't consider that their most important asset is their health and ability to earn an income.

Are you confident that you will be able to fund living expenses and provide for your family should you be unable to work due to illness or accident?

Why partner with us?

Our wealth protection advisors can provide you with a tailored strategy suited to your needs. As your circumstances change, it's likely that your personal insurance requirements will too. Not having enough insurance cover in place to support your family in times of crisis can be financially distressing. Appropriate insurance cover will give you peace of mind that your family is always protected and your lifestyle can be maintained.

How can we help you?

  • We provide advice on the four types of personal insurance cover (life, total, & permanent disability, income protection and trauma).
  • We assist to calculate your ideal level of insurance cover
  • We advise as to whether your insurance should be held inside or outside superannuation or a combination of both
  • We compare policies with several different insurance providers to ensure the policy in place is the best available to you

Don't risk being under insured, give yourself peace of mind that in any situation you and your family will be protected.

Here's a story of a difficult road to recovery made easier with protection. Watch now.

Bill Jackson, Certified Financial Planner and Risk Specialist, would be pleased to discuss your wealth protection needs with you. Bill is an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited. To arrange an appointment please call 03 8850 3333 or email


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