Retirement Planning

Helping you prepare for your dream retirement

Are you between 50 - 65 years old?
A transition to retirement strategy may give you more flexibility around your retirement date. We understand that the years before retirement can be challenging. Whilst looking forward to having more time to do the things you enjoy, you may have concerns about funding the retirement lifestyle you dream of.

Why partner with us?
We will listen to you to understand what is important abut your future and implement a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy to achieve this.

How can we help you?
  • Ensuring you are taking advantage of tax concessions
  • Fund your goals by improving cashflow
  • Maximising your retirement savings

This client improved their cashflow by $9,100 whilst reducing their taxes by $6,850
*We have assumed this client is 60 years of age, has a salary of $90,000 pa and superannuation balance of $250,000

Current Proposed
Salary Sacrifice$0$25,000
Tax free TTR income$0$25,000
Taxable income$90,000$65,000
Net tax payable$23,050$13,950
Add super tax on salary sacrifice$0$3,750
Tax on super earnings (assume 4% pa)$1,500$0
Total tax$24,550$17,700
Net cashflow$66,950$76,050

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