Standard Business Reporting

Standard Business Reporting

Is your software SBR enabled? Don't get left behind.

With the Government looking for ways to be more cost efficient and developing new innovative technologies to achieve these efficiencies, business owners are being forced to adopt policies and processes which require them to communicate and deal with government agencies electronically. Some of these changes include one touch payroll and the ATO's standard business reporting (SBR).

SBR is a standard approach to online or digital record-keeping introduced by the Government to simplify business reporting obligations. SBR is built into accounting software making the software “SBR-enabled".

Use of SBR-enabled technology means more efficiency in data matching and revenue collection; it reduces costs through automation and frees up time so you can work on building your business rather than being caught up with paperwork.

So… are you ready? If not, we can assist you in converting your business to SBR-enabled software.

Our solution – Xero

At O'Brien Accountants & Advisors we are always looking for ways we can assist you in improving your business and how we can better service you. As such we would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you as to how a conversion to Xero, a powerful online accounting system, would benefit your business.

We have been successfully using Xero within the firm for a number of years now, several of our accountants are Xero certified advisors and many of our clients have already converted and are finding the simplicity, cost & time savings and financial benefits to their business highly valuable. We would like to extend these same benefits to you. The advantages far outweigh those of other similar programs.

Key benefits of converting to Xero:

  • Xero offers improved cash flow management as a result of effective monthly reporting and forecasting of income and expenses
  • Xero provides a clearer picture of your financial position, with up-to-date and relevant financial information and therefore helps us support you in better decision making
  • Xero provides improved efficiencies as a result of simplified management reporting, automatic data feeds, bank transactions and invoice matching, automated statements, fast processing of payroll, allowing more time to spend on other aspects of the business
  • Xero is cloud-based so you and your O'Brien adviser can access the latest 'live' figures allowing for more timely, accurate information giving us the opportunity to be more pro-active on your behalf.

Why Xero?

1. Xero is a cloud based accounting software which is having significant money invested into its continued development to ensure it keeps up with the changing technological environment being driven by Government.

2. Xero is smart, simple, fast and real-time

3. Improved efficiencies (automatic data feeds, bank transactions and invoice matching, automated statements, fast processing of payroll)

4. Invoicing with Xero is quick and easy

5. Improves cash flow management

6. Clearer picture of your financial position

7. Helps support you in better decision making

8. Payroll is simple; super payments and tax updates are automatic and you can easily access a complete snapshot of payroll and leave

9. Xero is SuperStream compliant making it easy for you to fulfil your obligations in relation to this new government initiative which requires employers to make changes to the way they make and report superannuation

10. Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device

11. Xero connects you with your business, your financials and us, your advisors

12. Offers you access to a wide range of powerful add-ons

Still not convinced or feeling overwhelmed? Please call your O'Brien adviser today to discuss further. Your future is our focus and we can make a conversion to Xero quick and simple allowing you the time to get you back to focussing on what you love doing.


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