Steps to secure financial future

So you want to take control of your finances, plan for the future, ensure you are financially secure. These are statements we've all made in the past but what do they really mean, how do you action them and where do you start.

Here's a list of the steps to consider if you are serious about achieving your goals and better managing your finances.

1. Talk about it

Money is something most people feel uncomfortable talking about, many feel it's a private topic yet it's so important, too important not to address.

Money decisions are often left unattended to because they are too difficult or confronting, yet that only makes the situation worse. If you want to get ahead, you need to be prepared to acknowledge your current financial situation and be open to talking about it, with your family or partner if that's relevant to you and also ideally with a professional who can advise you and help you achieve your goals.

Our Advisors have conversations with clients about their life values and goals and establish a plan to achieve them. We don't just talk about advice is much more than that.

2. Be clear about what you really want to achieve

Is it a house, travel, long-term financial security, your own business, happiness, freedom from the worry of debt? What are your goals and priorities. This is different for everyone and money is not the goal, it's a means to achieving your goals. Write down what makes you happy, what's important to you. This will assist in forming the basis for financial decisions.

3. Budget ... and stick to it

If you're serious about changing your attitude towards money it's critical that you are aware of your financial behavior. Do you know where your income is spent? How much do those daily coffees add up to, how much do you spend a week on going out with friends, shopping for material items, the weekly grocery bill? It all adds up and is sometimes a bit scary when you see how much is wasted. So do a budget and understand it so you can see where and how much you could be saving.

4. Get rid of bad debt

Before starting a savings plan or investing it's critical that you pay off bad debt first. We're talking credit cards, personal loans, anything with a high interest rate. Seek advice about structuring your debt to ensure you manage it in the most effective way.

5. Seek advice

If you're really serious about making change and using your money effectively to give you peace of mind, financial freedom and the ability to do what you love doing then you're probably going to need some advice. Financial planning is more about helping you achieve your ideal lifestyle than it is about managing finances. Our team will help you document your goals and give you a framework to achieve them whilst also ensuring you are on track financially for both the immediate and long-term future.

And it doesn't need to be expensive. We have options to suit all life stages with our Money Management program, Financial Planning offering or Family Advisory service depending on what best suits you.

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