Tax tip #1 top up super

Superannuation Contributions

Making personal contributions to superannuation is a great way to boost your super balance and can have tax advantages.

After-tax contributions are the simplest way to add to your super as you simply deposit your personal money into your super account. These contributions (as opposed to salary sacrifice) are known as 'non-concessional contributions' because you don't receive a tax deduction. They do however, have a tax advantage.

If you can spare the cash, this is a great way to boost your super savings because the money is then in a low-tax environment meaning you'll get a better return than if you'd invested in the same assets outside super.

Contributions from your after-tax income don't get taxed when your super fund receives them because you have already paid income tax on this amount.

However, there are limits to how much you can contribute to your super before you have to pay additional tax. See the ATO website or contact us for advice to ensure you comply with the rules, maxmise your opportunities and minimise your tax.

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