Running a successful building and construction business takes hard work. Having worked as accountants for building and construction clients for many years, we understand how busy and stressful your days can be. On top of the physical demands, there are also ancillary duties that need to be accomplished.

From meetings with subcontractors and suppliers, reviewing the progress of projects to ensure they are on track to scheduling, answering calls and emails, and other administrative tasks, it is easy to see why accounting and tax compliance often get moved to the back burner.

We understand it is a lot to manage on your own.

Accounting Partners Who Understand Your Needs

As experts in accounting for building and construction businesses, we have knowledge of the ins and outs of your industry-specific accounting and tax requirements. Most importantly, we understand your major pain points– the seasonality, the razor-thin margins, and the pressing need to effectively manage cash flow.

With this strong grasp of your unique needs, our team of advisers and accountants in Ivanhoe, Melbourne can go beyond crunching numbers and guide you in growing your business. We will empower you in making sound decisions by providing timely strategic advice and direction.

How We Can Help

Over the years, O’Brien’s has helped a wide range of clients in the building and construction industry including small contractors, family-owned businesses, and large construction firms. We have clients in property development, building, plumbing, turf, construction, rigging, recycling, demolition and excavation.

We support them in managing their business through:

  • Cashflow management
  • Project management and workflow
  • Managing trading and payment terms
  • Job costing
  • Forecasting
  • Asset finance
  • Cloud accounting
  • Growth strategy
  • Tax and compliance

If you would like to find the time to work more on growing your business and less on managing the day to day operations, partner with us and let us give you the freedom to get back to doing what you enjoy. Contact our team for a conversation about how we can add value to your business.

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Guide to Keeping Building and Construction Projects On Time and Budget

One of the biggest challenges faced by the construction industry is effective project management. Download our FREE guide to ensure your business is taking the right steps to building a reputation for delivering projects on time and budget whilst maximising your profit margin.