Federal Budget 2024

On Tuesday 14 May, Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers handed down the 2024 Federal Budget. The Budget seeks to balance the competing priorities of reducing inflation, while providing cost of living relief, better outcomes for aged care and childcare staff, and delivering housing and future investment opportunities. The Government is framing its election pitch in the context of delivering two out of three budget surpluses in their three-year term, with the…  Read more

Now & Next latest edition

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Now & Next… our quarterly Financial Planning newsletter In this edition… Three things you should know before investing in multi-generational living  Granny flats and multi-generational housing have garnered a lot of media attention lately as possible remedies for rising housing costs. Yet there are three important things you should know before you dive in. What do rising geopolitical tensions mean for investment markets? As…  Read more

Unlock the Essentials of EVs: Practical Insights

Are you considering upgrading your vehicle? Have you explored the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs)? The Government’s push for consumers to choose electric vehicles represents a shift towards more affordable and sustainable transportation options, with the added benefit of tax incentives. Choosing an electric vehicle now offers greater tax advantages than purchasing a fossil fuel vehicle of the same price. However, in addition to the financial and sustainable benefits, there…  Read more

Client Identity Verification

As a Tax Agent and in compliance with requirements of the Tax Practitioner’s Board, O’Brien Accountants & Advisors now requires verification of client identities prior to providing our services. Strong client verification helps to reduce the risk to tax practitioners and clients alike of identity theft and fraudulent activity. With an ever-increasing reliance on technology the risks presented by this continue to rise particularly in the field of accounting and…  Read more

Reducing Estate Tax

One of the considerations of financial planning is determining how you can minimise estate tax, reduce legislative risk and maximise the legacy you leave for your loved ones. In this real life client scenario we explain how we achieved this for our clients whilst giving consideration to their goals. As part of our comprehensive statement of advice, O’Brien Financial Advisors diligently analysed and evaluated Ron & Carol’s* financial situation and…  Read more

Protecting you and your family

Insuring your car, home or other possessions makes sense. So why do so few of us insure ourselves? If illness or injury stopped you from working for an extended period, could you keep paying your bills? Personal risk insurance gives you peace of mind that if the unexpected occurs, you and your family will be provided for. Snapshot Did you know that 95% of Australian families do not have adequate…  Read more

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