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Now & Next, the quarterly newsletter published by Count Financial, is designed to give you valuable insights into a range of different topics affecting your financial situation – both now and in the future.

Welcome to the Winter edition…

As the new financial year dawns, it’s an important time to think about your financial situation and some of the opportunities that are on the horizon. We can work with you to ensure you’re well prepared for any challenges that arise.

Stories include:

Join the nomadic life.

With travel overseas likely to remain on hold for some time yet, now could be the perfect time to take an extended roadtrip around Australia.

Super change at EOFY.

Most years, the Federal Government makes changes to the rules governing superannuation. This year is no different with the new financial year brings some important changes to the rules around super. Included is a summary of some of the most important changes that will take effect from 1 July 2021, and how they may affect you.

Too old for smart tech? Think again.

Smart technology may be seen as something for the young, but older Australians have a lot to gain from the safety, convenience and enjoyment it can provide.

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