Our Story

Welcome to O’Brien
Accountants & Advisors

Where your aspirations meet our expertise to pave the way for your financial success and
personal fulfillment.

As a forward-thinking accounting firm based in Melbourne, we specialise in empowering business owners like you, driven by the pursuit of growth and the desire to craft the ideal lifestyle for yourselves and your loved ones.

We understand that your ambitions extend far beyond financial gains; they encompass the realisation of financial security, peace of mind, and the triumph of business success. With our tailored financial planning services and strategic business advice, we are committed to guiding you on a journey towards not just your goals, but the realisation of your dreams.

Our History

Since establishment as a family-owned and operated business in 1976, O’Brien Accountants & Advisors has undergone remarkable growth. Initially founded and managed by Des O’Brien, the firm saw significant development before Mark O’Brien acquired the practice from his father in 1999.

Recognising early the importance of offering comprehensive services, Mark expanded the firm’s offerings to include financial planning in 2001 through affiliation with Count Financial Ltd. Chris Mullins joined Mark as a partner in 2002, marking a pivotal moment in the firm’s journey. Together, they have grown and nurtured O’Brien’s to what it stands as today.

In 2018, a significant milestone was achieved as the firm forged a partnership with ASX listed company CountPlus (now Count Limited CUP), Australia’s leading integrated accounting and wealth services provider. In 2020, O’Brien’s further bolstered its capabilities by acquiring Hillard O’Donnell, enriching its resources and expertise.
Presently, O’Brien Accountants & Advisors stands as a medium-sized, full-service accounting and financial planning firm nestled in the vibrant suburb of Ivanhoe, within Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs. Our dedicated team collaborates seamlessly to provide invaluable outcomes for our clientele.

Our Vision

Achieve excellence through hard work, innovation and superior knowledge, while creating an enjoyable working environment and balanced lifestyle for our clients and our team.

Our Values

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We enjoy working with each other and celebrate team success. We are social and have a sense of humour.

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We question and challenge the status quo to lead and build on best practice. We are progressive and adaptable; we seek efficiencies and continual improvement.

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We work together to leverage the genius of our team. We share ideas and expertise to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and each other.

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We commit, own and deliver. We seek clarity and feedback, encourage each other and measure success.

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We listen to and value each other and our contributions. We listen to and respect all views and seek to understand those different to our own.