Principal’s COVID-19 Update

Published: 20 March 2020

Dear Clients, Friends & Community,

What a week it has been, we hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and well. We understand you are reading numerous communications about the challenging time we are all facing at the moment so we apologise for adding to the noise however, we feel it is important to let you know how we as a firm plan to operate as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

We are here to support you

Most importantly, from your perspective, our services will remain uninterrupted to assist you with carrying on business and life as usual, or unusual as the case may be. We are here to help you. As your trusted Advisors, now may be the time that you need us most and we wish to assure you that our level of service will continue at the highest standard. Whether it be small business stress, investment considerations, superannuation concerns or any challenges you are facing, we are here to support you.

From a practical perspective, at this time the majority of our team are in the office and available as always. Should we face a situation where we need to implement a remote working policy, our firm has the capabilities in place and professionalism to adopt this without disruption to the level of service we deliver whilst always maintaining the integrity of your privacy.

Client appointments

We have introduced social distancing in our office suites and given consideration to our social responsibility to prioritising the wellbeing and health of our team, clients, service providers and the wider community. As such we have taken the step to convert all face-to-face meetings to Skype video calls or over the phone conversations. If you have an appointment scheduled in the next few weeks, our team will be in contact to make these arrangements with you if we have not already done so.

We recognise this is a time of uncertainty with new challenges, please contact us on (03) 8850 3333 if you have any questions or need support. As you may know one of our values is collaboration; if ever, now is the time for working together, whilst standing apart, as we navigate this unprecedented situation. We will continue to keep you updated, in the meantime we wish you and your family good health.


Mark O’Brien & Chris Mullins
O’Brien Accountants & Advisors