Nisha Choudhary

Intermediate Accountant

About Me

About Nisha

Nisha brings to the firm extensive knowledge and qualifications in accounting, finance and management. In addition to working with business clients to manage their compliance and financial reporting, Nisha specialises in helping business owners identify opportunities for efficiency improvement by streamlining business operations.

Nisha understands the challenges business owners face in identifying the best IT solutions for their business. She takes time to consult with all stakeholders, understanding the unique needs of the business and its customers before making recommendations. Nisha will analyse the current tech stack, research alternatives, provide a cost benefit analysis and recommend the best solutions personalised for her client’s business.

Nisha then supports business owners in their decision making, negotiates with providers to secure the best plans and supports the business with implementation, integration, internal communications and change management.

My Story

Internally, Nisha is dedicated to personal and professional growth, demonstrates leadership through training and developing team members and has technical expertise to assist clients in achieving their goals.

After hours, Nisha enjoys travel, particularly going home to India to visit family, as well as Melbourne’s food & cultural scene and socialising with friends.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)
  • Masters of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)
  • Masters of Management
  • Xero advisor certified
  • Xero payroll certified

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