Samantha has guided us through our retirement making sure our superannuation is maximised. This she has done with care and an ability to explain all strategies clearly. Samantha has excellent rapport with us and conveys her sincere concern that we plan ahead and plan for expenditure to maintain our living standard. We look forward to meeting with her and leave satisfied that we are in good, safe hands. She has always responded to our queries and concerns immediately. A wonderful knowledgeable advisor.

John Peachey

Thank you so much, it is great having you for support during this time.

Tori Daile, Director
Hustle & Thrive

Please thank your team for the clarity in the JobKeeper communication and the speed at which you got it out. Also, thank you for the webinar, I found it helpful in many ways. Thank you for everything.

Clea Smith, CEO
The Mind Room

In Mark, we have someone with integrity that we can trust and someone who is a stakeholder in our business with the benefit of arm’s length and fresh eyes.

Kiff Saunders, Managing Director
Global Ballooning

We are extremely happy with the service we continue to receive from Alice & Sam. They have guided us through some very troubled times with the utmost care, compassion, professionalism & integrity. We don’t know where we would be without their exceptional support and advice.

Leigh & Steve Hearl

Accounting & Financial Planning

The service over 20 years has been exceptional. Starting in 2000 helping a small business and progressing through retirement to 2020.

Robert McDonald

Accounting & Superannuation

My only experience is with Nellie Fung and I find her service to be outstanding. Nellie is always available and answers all my questions, always clarifying my requests. I rely on her expertise and guidance.

Shirleyann Mulquiney

Financial Planning

I attended your JobKeeper webinar today and found it very easy to understand all the processes, thank you.

Virginia Glenn
Joan Gladman Real Estate

We have really appreciated having you with us through this journey!

Jo Mitchell, Bookkeeper
The Mind Room

Nellie always gives very good service when I make an inquiry. She is also very helpful in keeping me informed of matters which need to be attended to and her advice is sound and based on good knowledge and experience.

Robert Erbacher

Financial Planning